Lab Pets

Georgia-Maize | Casey Theriot

Miss G or GG as we like to call her enjoys short walks around the block, cheese, and lounging on her chaise in the sun on the deck. She also enjoys watching college football, but gets confused when Georgia plays Michigan!

Roxy & Sasha| Stephanie Thomas

Roxy, the Catahoula mix. “Don’t tell mom I’m relaxing on the flowers!”

Sasha the Bombay. She’s still looking fabulous even at 14.

Juniper | Caroline Perkins

This is Juniper (aka Fuzzy Butt). She’s a 4 year old netherland dwarf rabbit who likes to make trouble and is very ornery when she doesn’t get her way. Despite her attitude she’s sweet when she wants to be and puts up with Caroline when they want to dress her up in costumes.

Jessie | Samantha Kisthardt

This is Jessie (right) and she’s a Great Dane rescued from the Johnston County Animal Protection League! When she isn’t giving feedback on Samantha’s presentations she enjoys car rides, naps, and visiting the cows at the CVM.

Scratch & Sniff (Sniffany) | Sam McMillian

Scratch is a big orange tabby who loves eating unsupervised bread (sometimes through the bag, and letting Sam know his food dish is empty at 3am.

Sniff’s favorite activities are tug of war and waiting for babies to drop scraps of food off the table.

Meatball | Sam Hamacher

Meatball Sandwich Hamacher is an alaskan malamute(?) mix, but most importantly he was $5 from the El Paso Animal shelter, where he was rescued. Despite his dramatic sighs and judgemental looks, he is treated very well, and enjoys walking, going to the dog park and ignoring all the other dogs there, and staring out the window like he is a 14 year old listening to death cab for cutie looking out a bus window on a rainy day.